Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Running and Creativity

I went for a really good 5km run this morning before starting on my Inquiry for the day. I know this might not seem that related to my project, but it got me thinking......

Running always helps me clear my head, whether to give me time to think through things, or simply allowing me to switch off for 30mins or so.

I did a really good time for my run today and found myself 'buzzing' by the time I got home. My energy levels were high (despite the fact that I had spent the previous 30mins doing something pretty physically demanding).

Where did all this get me.....

Well it got me thinking about the benefits of cardio exercise like running in terms of creativity. Part of this inquiry process is learning how you work best, what motivates you, what distracts you, when do you when work best, when are you best to not even try and give in to distractions, what energises you.

So I did some research on the benefits of running in terms of creativity and came across some interesting websites:

According to this site there seems to be much debate about whether running actually enhances creativity. But irrespective of definitive conclusions there appears to be evidence to support the claim. According to 'The Runner’s World Guide to Running' running ‘helps you to reach creative breakthroughs’ (p.25). Psychological research has found that bodily movement can enhance creative thinking. This supports the belief held by many men and women that going for a run can help them problem solve and overcome mental blocks.

I found another interesting article in the British Journal of Sports Medicine: 'Exercise enhances creativity independently of mood'
This research article concluded that mood and creativity were improved by physical exercise independently of each other. I guess confirming that when you hit a road block during the research process, a run could be the most beneficial way of moving forward (no pun intended!).

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