Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mentor Group Meeting - Week 4

Important Points from Today:

Keep in mind that the course is not just about the presentation – the process is also important – and what are you going to do after the journey is over

‘Carpark’ an idea: – an idea that is outside of the actual project that you are interested in exploring – you can ‘carpark’ it and come back to this idea later)

Thinking Tools: Are we using thinking tools to help bring it all together? Something to think about)

Thoughts about my presentation: Go through the process of setting one up as part of my presentation – show people how easy it is to demystify it.

After the meeting I also has an interesting discussion with Jane about inquiry. She gave me two things to think about in terms of my reflections this week to ensure that my inquiry is linked to real outcomes for my classroom teaching.

- Think about implications for our classroom
- Try to link with key competencies

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