Sunday, June 7, 2009

Learning is messy......

I came across this quote........

"learning is messy....but Digital Texts change things.
Students will edit more, link more,
seek more sources, be reflective,
read each others work, comment more,
question more, and challenge each other."

This is one of the main reasons why I am excited by the possibilities that interactive technologies like blogs give us in terms of teaching pedagogy. My developing philosophy is one in which collaboration and communities of learning are of central importance; as is seeing students as 'global citizens' who critically engage with the world around them.

Blogs offer this - they also offer it in a space where students can interact in a way which means that they can add/delete/edit/move around/modify their work. From what I have observed in my two teaching placements, when there is less permanency in what students are creating (or perhaps more than this, the ability to 'modify' what they are creating) - there appears to be a greater level of risk-taking and creativity present in their work. They learn through the process of creating, without a fear that each mark they make along the way will remain visible and unable to be erased.

Check out this powerpoint presentation which explores some of these ideas about ICT integration in classroom as part of teaching in the 21st century:

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