Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Setting up my website...

Today I have been working on setting up my website. I have decided that the best way for me to share my learnings from my project is by creating a website that can provide information on blogs for teachers who are 'digital immigrants'.

My blog is functioning well as a reflective journaling space, and I am finding it quite a cathartic part of the journey. However, I have decided that a web-site would be a more suitable way of sharing my information with the class.

What is the website going to look like?

Well.....I have found a server for my site and have a web address:

This was obstacle number 1 to overcome, as I have never set up a website before (and have no prior knowledge on how to go about it). So.....I searched online and found a free server and worked through the initial setup steps.

Now it is a matter of deciding what to include on this website.

I did an initial brainstorm of ideas for sections within the website:

- What is a blog?
- Why use blogs in the classroom? (how can they enhance teaching pedagogy)?
- How to set up your own classroom blog?
- Links to useful websites
- 10 ways you can use your blog in the classroom
- Digital Literacy
- De-demonising technology
- 'Experts in Action' - Case Study - Fendalton Open Air School
- Integrating blogs with other technology - youtube, videos etc.
- Other useful references
- Link to my blog
- Internet safety/security
- MOE and ICT - policy
- Blogs and collaboration (taking learning beyond the classroom)
- Blogs and the Key Competencies

I am going to share these ideas at the mentor group meeting next week. I would like to get feedback on my proposed sections because ultimately I am making it for the class, so I want to meet their perceived needs in terms of blogging.

At this stage I am not planning on progressing any further with the website until I have started collecting and organising my research into sections. I envisage starting on the making of the website in about a week.

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  1. I abandoned the website idea. There were multiple reasons for this. The first being that I just didn't have the time for it. Secondly, I decided that a blog allowed a greater level of interactivity which was essential to my whole philosophy, and thirdly, this website that I initially created could never be logged into again. For some reason the site folded and I couldn't use my password to re-enter.