Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mentor Group Meeting - Week 2

Today we met up to share our progress on inquiry topics. It was interesting to see where other people were at, and to realise that many of my frustrations were shared by other group members.
I am still struggling to fully understand the inquiry process because it doesn't seem dissimilar to other research processes I have been involved in. I guess this all part of the journey and it will be interesting to look back on the process and see how I got to the end.
I did struggle in the group sharing situation because I felt like by the time it got to my side of the table, most of our time had been used up, and I had a very rushed 2 minutes to share my project/frustrations/questions - and very little time to have feedback from the group - which I thought was the whole point of mentor groups. I am hoping that next week, we will all be provided more time for meaningful engagement with our topics.

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  1. I just went back to my earlier notes on Inquiry and found that the point of difference from more traditional research is that you are 'doing something meaningful with the information you gather'; and that it is a recursive model.

    This makes sense. I guess my problem is that I have done quite a lot of action-based research where tangible outcomes were an important part of the process. Therefore I have less experience with more traditional modes of research, while simultaneously having done come inquiry-type projects (that simply weren't called that) - this has caused the confusion for me.